Wiring the Dashboard Portlet with Parameter

In the previous post, we saw how to add a fresh parameter to the dashboard. We will continue and create a link between the parameter and the portlet (Qlet)

Click on the “Sales Fact” qlet and select “Edit”

In the query text region, add the condition

“and f.product_key=”

After the “=” sign, right click on the mouse and you will see a list of Dashboard parameters.


The parameter p31 is the parameter_id referenced within the dashboard, In the sub-menu you will see the available columns from the parameters. In this case you should see the product description and product_key.

Select the product_key from the sub-menu. Your final query should look like below


Click on “Apply”

You should see the results as shown below. As you see, the Sales Fact is showing results only for “Beautiful Girls” product selection (all the product_key =1 ).

Now change the product selection to ‘Pulp Fiction’


As you have noted above, the product keys in the Sales Fact does not serve any purpose.

Continued… We will now add some dimension descriptions in the Fact portlet

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