Wireframe software – new update Groups, full screen presentation

Wireframe software – new update Groups, full screen presentation

Enterprise Class Group and project management features are now available with a single click to the Dashboard.

Download MockupTiger Wireframes. It is the best time saving application you will download for prototyping

Mockuptiger allows you to create any number of groups. Each member of your team can create their own groups. Groups is like the “Circles” feature in Google plus.
Groups can represent full company, it can represent individual small teams, it can represent individual clients of a web design agency or a small department of a big company
. It is a simple and very powerful concept. This power is available when you use Mockuptiger to build your wireframes and prototypes.

Groups is a very powerful and simple concept. If you are a web agency then every client and members working for them is part of a small group. ?ClientA group? and ?ClientB group?.

If you are a big organization then each small team can be a group ?Web design group?, ?Software Development Group? and so on.

A group is like an umbrella, you can add users to the group and users can share their projects to the group. So now every member of the group can see all the projects in the group. Project access is tightly controlled through the dashboard.

Each user can create groups
Each user can add members to its own groups
Each user in the group can share their own projects to the group
Each user who shares their project can control the Editor and viewership of their own content
Every user in the group can atleast view each and every project in the group
Not every user can edit the projects and pages in the group

You can now share your documents to public by simply providing the link.
Clickable wireframes allows for unique presentation ways of mockups to your clients


See, how easy it is!

But wait, sharing the URL does not mean you lose control over it. You need to make the document public through the dashboard. And yes, once public you can always revoke the public access.

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