WIP Key tables wip_lines , wip_operations (1)

WIP_LINES stores production line information. Each row includes a
line name, maximum and minimum rate information, throughput for
rate based lines (lead time), and the start and stop time information that
determines the amount of time per day that the line is available. Oracle
Work in Process uses this information when you associate a line with a
repetitive assembly and when you define a repetitive schedule on the
line. Production line information is optional for discrete jobs.

WIP_OPERATIONS stores information about job and repetitive
schedule operations. Each row represents a specific operation and
includes an operation sequence number, which orders the operations for
the job or repetitive schedule. Each row also includes the assembly
quantity completed at an operation, the quantity at each intraoperation
step, the department associated with an operation, the scheduled start
and completion dates for an operation, the operation’s count point and
backflush types and other operation attributes. In general, Oracle Work
in Process uses this information to control and monitor assembly
production on the shop floor.

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