WIP Key tables wip_entities , wip_discrete_jobs, wip_transactions (1)

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WIP_ENTITIES stores information about jobs, repetitive assemblies, and
flow schedules. Each row includes a unique entity name, the entity type,
and the assembly being built. Oracle Work in Process uses this information to control production activities and to ensure that entities with duplicate names are not created.

WIP_DISCRETE_JOBS stores discrete job information. Each row
represents a discrete job, and contains information about the assembly
being built, the revision of the assembly, the job quantity, the status of
the job, the material control method, accounting information, and job
schedule dates. Oracle Work in Process uses this information to control
discrete production.

WIP_TRANSACTIONS stores information about WIP resource
transactions. Each row represents a single resource transaction and
includes a unique transaction Identifier, a transaction date, the job or
repetitive schedule charged, the WIP operation and resource charges,
and the number of units of measure applied. Oracle Work in Process
uses this information to track resource charges and to calculate the


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