Why should one child report to multiple parents? (Oracle GL Hierarchies)

In GL Chart of accounts, each segment can have its own hierarchy. Although in GL there is no validations done if one child is reporting to more than one parent, the onus lies on the financial users who do reporting off FSGs and other means to ensure that the hierarchy remains clean. If this is not ensured then you will definitely see some double counting of balances in this type of situation.

In products like (DBI)Daily business intelligence and (EPB)Enterprise planning and budgeting, when you pull the dimension hierarchies from GL, the programs will fail and this is because these products have in-built validations that detect the so called “Diamond-Error� which is nothing but one child reporting to multiple parents in the same hierarchy.

So how do you detect which children appear at multiple nodes?

The simplest mechanism is to use this GL Validations Dashboard
This portlet automatically detects any such anomolies across your entire set of books and chart of accounts structure. All you have to do is run this portlet from time to time.


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