White Magic to Success at every Project

I don’t want to sound preachy (is this a word?) with this post but if I do sound like one, then please bear with me as I do not intend to and I will try my best to avoid crossing any modesty lines.
First some background, if I look behind my past years and try to analyze all the situations where I was successful (almost all!) there is a very common element that has been key to the success for the task or project at hand. Now, it has become a routine for me to use this key for each and every task or project that I take up. It works so beautifully that I am amazed every time it works. I have given so many job interviews since my campus days and unknowingly been successful and accepted each time (it doesn’t matter whether I like the offer or take the job). I have done so many projects and have been successful wherever I have used this key! (Again, I not trying to be boastful, so please bear with me) Its not that I am playing some black magic or I am a mutant or something, just a normal person J
   Without dragging further, let me reveal my secret. Every time I take up a task or project I simply execute the project in my mind and try to visualize the completion of it. Now before beginning a brand new project it is tough to visualize the final elements of the project and deliverables for which I don’t even know the requirements. But whenever I feel the project is important for my overall growth, I have used this technique and come out successfully from every tough situation. To give a better understanding here are some of the situations and visualizations that I use.
If it’s a job interview then I try to visualize that I am already working for the company and try to feel each and every aspect of the experience that I would be going through if I were working for the company.
If I land up in a tough situation within a project, I try to visualize the final successful completion of the project, shaking hands with the client, going out on celebration party for successful resolution and sticking through the process, visualizing letters of appreciation and so on!
 So this is the key idea on the theme of visualization i.e. to see the final successful outcome in your mind space and try to feel the experience as real as possible as if it is happening right now. The richer the feeling of the experience is much better will be the outcome. Visualization is the first step and the next step is to look for signals. These signals come in as my intuition or some advice from friend or any medium. Once the signal is received the final part is to act on the signal to bring the desired output. Sometimes the situation resolves by itself and sometimes requires little effort from your side or help from the client, friend or colleague. I enjoy the whole process so much that I keep track of each and every event that occurs since the visualization and how the different elements group together in order to bring the final outcome of my visualization. It is like someone high above is watching over you and trying to help you achieve your goals.
   I am using this same technique to meet my long term and short-term goals and it works like a charm! Since the long-term goals are divided into short-term milestones I can clearly see the progress. Sometimes lot of effort is required to act on the signals that I receive and sometimes very little effort brings unexpected output.
   It is important that the thing you desire and visualize is for the “Highest good of all� and there is no harm done to any being (including yourself). Sometimes if you desire and visualize for certain things and still don’t see any outcome, it is possible that the outcome would not be beneficial for you in the long run.
   If you are a person who has been successful at most of the tasks that you undertake then it is very much possible that you knowingly or unknowingly follow your intuition and you already have the needed skills. Using this often, it becomes part of you, like the sixth sense (or seventh or whatever number you may want to put). 
It is tough to describe the whole process in words but I guess if you practice you will definitely see the signals.
How does it work? Here is a very high level explanation of how I understand it.
  Everything is “Energy�; even the objects(living or dead) that appear to be solid are nothing but condensed form of Energy. This is what Einstein meant by saying that mass and energy are inter-convertible. Our thoughts and visualizations are also nothing but another form of “Energy� and this energy gets instantly materialized in the “Astral� world. Since our physical earth is “Time-bound� it takes time for the thought to be materialized in our physical world but this happens only if the energy is strong enough i.e. the thoughts, will power and visualizations needs to be strong enough and should sustain for a long time. If we introduce counter energy by thinking negative then we see corresponding results. I got a strong attestation of this technique when I watched the movie “The Secret� wherein they call it by “Law of Attraction�
Try it out and see if you can increase your success rate. Knowing that rate of successful ERP and IT projects is pathetic; maybe we can use these techniques to improve the overall industry reputation 🙂

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