Where I want to be?

I have been doing the same thing for past several years, i.e consulting for other companies, ofcourse the technology changes but overall its the same thing over and over. Sometimes I feel its enough doing the same thing but what else am I suppose to do? Whatever I would do for living my life, at a Macro level (i.e Higher level) it would always appear to be repetitive even though at the micro level (i.e looking at the details) things would be totally different.

For e.g At a Higher level, we all are born in this world, grow up, study, college, get a job, and then repeat { family – earn money – routine } until death. And the same thing would be different for each of us at the micro level, For e.g I go to a different school than you, different job than you, make different level of income than you and so on. So looking scantily everyone’s living the same life, almost mechanical!

Ofcourse there is more purpose to life than the predefined routine that I have been living all these years. I need to explore more and need to increase the pace of work in this area. In the mean time I work on the macro level coarse of my life, I have been thinking on making some changes at some of the micro level details in how I intend to make my living. I have strong intentions to follow through the micro changes.

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