What’s Happening in Business Intelligence(BI): A Nice Overview

 CIOs recently surveyed by Gartner listed it as their number two technology priority for this year; and Forrester Research predicts that the BI reporting and analysis tools and applications software segment will top $7.3bn by 2008.

Key Trends

  • The expansion of BI deployments
  • Embedding intelligence as part of key business processes, also known as Operational BI, an area of strength for Oracle
  • Pure plays touting SOA architectures, although this is true to varying degrees  see PPT above under new content
  • Standardization being driven by IT groups that want to lower costs through better licensing deals, hardware consolidation and reducing development and maintenance costs
  • Open source software, software as a service (SaaS) and the entry of larger, fearsome software players such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and SAP into the market are changing the
  • BI landscape and raising the competitive stakes for established BI vendors
  • Open source continues to make inroads into BI thanks to JasperSoft and Eclipse Business
  • Intelligence Reporting Tool (BIRT) projects as well as the more ambitious BI suite that Pentaho has in mind
  • Business Objects and SAS Institute and newer players such as Oco Software and Host Analytics are testing the SaaS waters
  • Melding of enterprise search with BI as a way to bring BI to the masses.
  • Larger relational database vendors like Oracle and Microsoft are also starting to bundle comprehensive BI capabilities as part of their core database platforms  not really on point – this is not new!!
  • BI rivals are quick to dismiss Microsoft and Oracle as being too ‘home-grown’ for enterprise use. But BI vendors are smarting from the increased commoditization that both these vendors are driving into the market.
  • The changing competitive landscape, not to mention commoditization of staple reporting
  • OLAP and ETL tools by larger database vendors, is forcing some pure-play BI vendors to extend the functionality of their BI suites into new areas. And to focus more on services and verticals a la SAS, BOBJ and Cognos.

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