What can kill you, will kill you!

Once upon a time there was a king, one day he asked his astrologer “How is he going
to die?� The astrologer after much hesitation replied that he would die when something hits his head.

The king who was brave and wise suddenly became paranoid about everything that
could fall over his head. He asked to remove all the fancy stuff hanging over his throne.
He still did not consider himself safe behind the closed walls (the walls could collapse!)
and under the beautiful roof (the roof could collapse too!), so he ordered that from now
onwards he would shift his seating in an open ground with no walls and roofs.
So now finally he is considering himself safe, right?
One day during his open ground meeting a vulture flying in the sky drops dead
(I don’t know how, maybe someone shot it or someone cursed it just like the episode in Seinfeld when Kramer is cursed, but this is not important) and falls straight on the King’s head.

So much for the paranoia!

The media and the government in the name of airplane security are generating similar paranoia.

Because the hijackers used knives, all sharp objects were banned, even plastic knives.

Now, how am I going to trim my nose hair if I cannot even carry my scissors?

I used to carry incense sticks wherever and whenever I traveled to client locations and
lit them up every morning and evening in the hotel room but can’t do that any more as no
lighters allowed in the plane anymore.

Slowly, in the process of securing our freedom we are killing our individual choices. Even though these little stuff may be negligible but they add up and one fine day you realize that you infact killed the free being within you.

The bad guys are successful in either doing a full destruction or at least winning the mind game.

  • What about the good guys?
  • Shouldn’t the good guys think like a good guy?
  • What are the options of a good guy?
  • Should the good guy invite the bad guy for a talk and try to understand their basic problems?

The funny thing is the bad guy thinks he is the good guy and the good guy thinks he is good and the other is bad.

Who is right? Who decides who is right?

Knowing that the seemingly good guy in the current time might have
done something bad to the other guy and the seemingly bad guy might have been a good guy at some point in time.

Another interesting fact is both the good guys and the bad guys are humans and desire peace and prosperity.
Since they both have same goals there is still a possibility to change the perceptions on both sides.

One fine day the good guy might say that “Hey, my mistake, I didn’t quite understand you completely” and the seemingly bad guy might reciprocate “Hey, its my mistake, I didn’t make myself clearly heard nor did I take any effort to communicate in the right mannerâ€?. Now both understand they wasted significant time, energy and mental peace.

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