Building dashboard with Oracle database

Oracle database is one of the top Enterprise grade RDBMS. Many enterprise applications are built on top of Oracle db. Among the most popular Enterprise apps are Oracle e-business suite, Peoplesoft.

If you are tired with slow and sluggish OBIEE, try building your Oracle Accounts Recievables Dashboard using InfoCaptor. You could easily build your Oracle General Ledger, Oracle Accounts payables and all other ERP related analytics using InfoCaptor.



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Open Interfaces and SQL * Loader – utl file

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The provided program logic validates the records.
Any errors are transferred into another table (called Error Table).
The correct records are then transferred through a process into destination application table.
These can be used to either transfer data from Oracle Applications to a flat file or data from legacy system to Oracle Applications.
sample code of Interface program is presented for training purpose only.

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