Find out the true benefit of Dashboards or Business Intelligence Software

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In fact, the question should be "What should be the true benefit of Dashboards or Business Intelligence software? "
Whether you are using dashboard in excel, Dashboards in Microsoft Access, Quickbooks, business objects, Salesforce or big ERP like Oracle EBS or SAP, there are numerous tangible benefits of using InfoCaptor as your primary BI and dashboard app compared to other business intelligence software or reporting tools.

Now, well-designed dashboards are more interesting than most "old-fashioned" tabular reports [lot of the old sytle reporting software vendors have begun calling themselves dashboard bi tools] but we are not interested in just fancy looks. So let us see several notable benefits and also certain features or aspects within InfoCaptor that help you achieve them.


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What is the true meaning and purpose of Business Intelligence?

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Companies in a variety of industries are still data-rich but information-poor and this ratio keeps increasing every day. The rate of data generation is so high that organizations simply cannot keep up with generating insights out of it.

These enterprises lack the kind of actionable information and analytical tools needed to improve profits and performance. Business intelligence (BI) is the next logical step by management to start thinking about how to capitalize on the potential of BI to improve profit and performance.

Many companies have embarked on the journey of data warehouses and yet failed to use them to achieve BI. If you think the purpose of data warehousing (DW) efforts is to simply keep producing more reports then the organization has failed to achieve true BI.


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VC Investment Data visualization and analytics

Using the data from and easy to use dashboard software we perform analytics on a huge dataset that spans 20 years of Venture capital investment data from 1995 onward. Having data that goes far into the history should give us enough to extract the necessary analytical juice out of it.


VC investment by industry

Change in investment pattern between 2000 and 2014

The year 2000 was definitely the peak for VC investment craziness. A whopping 105 Billions was pumped into startups and bringing them quickly for IPO. Ever since after the crash of 2000... Continue reading the original article

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Trends in Big Data, Hadoop, Business Intelligence, Analytics and Dashboards

How has the interest in Big Data, Hadoop, Business Intelligence, Analytics and Dashboards changed over the years?

One easy way to gauge the interest is to measure how much news is generated for the related term and Google Trends allows you do that very easily.

After plugging all of the above terms in Google trends and further analysis leads to the following visualizations.

Aggregating the results by year



It is very amazing to see that the stream representing Dashboards has remained constant through out the years.

So does the stream for Analytics and Business Intelligence in general exihibit similar trend.

Analytics is kind of widening its mouth as we move forward and that is being helped by the combination of terms such as Hadoop + Big Data + Analytics being used almost together.

Now check the line chart below



Looks like the Trend for Dashboards define the lower bound and the trend for Business Intelligence define the upper bound. The trend for Hadoop started around first Quarter of 2007. The trend for Big Data started around third Quarter of 2008 and ever since they both are rapidly increasing. It remains to see whether they will cross "Business Intelligence" in terms of popularity of kind of merge and find a stable position somewhere in the middle.

Before Big Data and Hadoop came into picture the term "Analytics" exhibited a stable ground closer to dashboards but now the trend for Analytics seems to be following Big Data and Hadoop.

Let us take a deeper look into each week since 2004



Look at the downward spikes occuring around Christmas time. Nobody wants to hear about Big Data or Dashboards during holidays.

And finally, here is a quarterly cyclical view


Click here to view the full interactive Visualizations

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While the need for business intelligence Buy Revatio Without Prescription, is widely recognized, the use and implementation thereof can often be confusing, or misunderstood.

Most business intelligence initiatives start with the purpose of delivering the right information at the right time. Revatio results, This gives the correct priority to timeliness and accuracy of information, but does not indicate where said information should go, Revatio overnight. Revatio blogs, Though a real time BI software solution may deliver up to date information via dashboards or traditional reports, it may not be enough for employees who barely have time to log into their laptops when off visiting major customers, real brand Revatio online. After Revatio, For such people, this information is not “real time” in the truest sense unless it is also readily accessible at the right place.

Another myth about business intelligence is that it provides analytical reporting while core transactional applications supply operational information, order Revatio online c.o.d. Buy Revatio online cod, In actuality, a standard business intelligence software solution must meet both informational needs equally. Because information from both of these areas satisfies a diverse set of requirements, cheap Revatio no rx, Revatio for sale, the most important ingredient for successful business intelligence implementation is getting the various parts of the organization properly aligned. It is critical that business analysts, in the early stages of implementation, interview all key stakeholders and document and reconcile critical business requirements from operational experts, analytical experts, line management, and staff management at multiple levels of the organization, Buy Revatio Without Prescription. Failure to understand internal customer requirements is one of the top reasons for failed business intelligence implementations.

Once requirements have been elicited and rationalized with each other, Revatio description, Revatio long term, the proposed solution must be vetted with all stakeholders to ensure correctness and, even more importantly, Revatio price, coupon, Low dose Revatio, drive buy-in so that all stakeholders will support and work towards a successful implementation rather than ignoring or, worse, discount Revatio, Revatio without prescription, actively resisting it. Once the initial requirements phase is complete, Revatio from canadian pharmacy, Canada, mexico, india, the next important step in an implementation is architecting a proposed solution and then piloting the solution on a small scale with key users to reduce any risks and prove out the implementation. During this phase, Revatio recreational, Buy cheap Revatio no rx, training plans can be created. A strategy for rolling out the implementation incrementally can be initiated and kinks in the implementation can be worked out.

Post-implementation, Revatio from canada, Revatio over the counter, it is advisable to follow up with users to reinforce training and ensure that the full benefits of the business intelligence software solution are being realized. Any deferred features or capabilities can be addressed in the form of a small post-implementation revision project which takes an evolutionary approach towards continually improving the solution

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Open source BI Buy Lipothin Without Prescription, is gaining popularity as more and more companies start using open source as opposed to commercial software for their businesses. Evaluating an open source product is different from evaluating a commercial product. Because there is no sales force for distribution, gaining comprehensive information on the business intelligence product requires a different approach. Assuming all other things are equal, open source BI shoppers should start by looking at the support forums associated with the community, the source code for the software, and the documentation and training options offered on the website.

The Support Forums

The support forums for any open source software project are one of the project’s greatest assets. By visiting the forums, a CIO can begin to assess whether or not that particular project with work for their company. Each community has its own personality and it is important to learn more about how welcoming the forums are, how capable the main contributors can be, and how active members are in the community.

The Source Code

The nature of the source code is also very important to look at. The source code holds the secrets to what the product is like and what its functionality is.

Documentation and Training

Most open source BI projects will have some kind of documentation that will help those who don’t read code understand how to use the product. Often there are also training options available, as well. If these documents are difficult to understand or if the training is not comprehensive enough, neither will be much use to any company using the open source software.

Once a company finds the open source BI program that they want to use, they have a variety of options on how to proceed with their new product. They can start by actively becoming a part of their community in order to garner good will, with the hope that they can eventually have some influence on the applications that are developed by the community. Although becoming involved is a good idea regardless of a company’s situation, some companies may need to customize the software with urgency. In these cases, the company can use one of their IT people to develop the applications internally. If the applications are developed internally, the company will then need to decide if they want to release the new code to the community or if they should keep it in house. The third option for companies new to open source BI is to hire an outside developer to customize their new open source BI software for them. This option will cut into the upside of avoiding commercial licensing fees, but can end up being a great decision in the end for the right company.

Shopping for open source BI can be a challenge for the CIO who has never dealt with an open source software project before, but it is a task worth taking on. Because the source code is public, the assessment a CIO makes can be more accurate than relying on hearsay or the advertising pitches that are part of shopping for commercial software. The result can be a great program that is constantly improving and offers support and community to its users without a large initial cost.

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With open source BI Buy Female Viagra Without Prescription, , users have access to the source code for the business intelligence software that they use. This gives them the ability to make changes and add applications in a way that they wouldn’t be able to with an out of the box platform. Commercial software does not give its users access to the original source code, nor does it give them any right to change or make modifications to the product. Users of commercial business intelligence must wait until the provider releases a new version of the platform or a new application to get added functionality for their system. With open source, users are able to make modifications to the code as needed as long as they adhere to the restrictions dictated by the license that governs the original code.

What is Open Source Code?

Open source code is software that has been written by a person or a company and copyrighted, but is also licensed to include a large user population, who is able to make changes and fix bugs in the code. As users need different applications from their open source software, they can change it to fit their demands without facing the repercussions of copyright infringement. There are a couple of different licenses that designate code as open source and users must adhere to the guidelines put forth by these licenses in order to use and modify the software.

Open Source Licenses

There is a variety of licenses that have been approved by the Open Source Initiative or OSI. Two common licenses are the Berkeley License and the GNU General Public License (GPL). The Berkeley License allows users to take the source code and make changes to it before releasing it again under a separate propriety license. With the Berkeley License, the original creators of the code would have to be acknowledged publicly when the new software is released. With GPL, if derivative software is created using the original code, it has to be made available as a GPL product, allowing other users access to the new code and allowing other users to modify it for their needs.

Freeware vs. Open Source

Open source is different from freeware, in that the actual code is made available to users, Female Viagra price, Purchase Female Viagra online, not just the software. Freeware is software that you can download for free for a trial period or permanently, but has to be used as is without any modifications. There is some very reliable freeware that can be downloaded permanently, australia, uk, us, usa, Female Viagra long term, but freeware is also used by commercial software providers to entice buyers to buy their product after the trial period is up.

Because they have ability to make changes to the code in open source, Female Viagra for sale, Where can i buy Female Viagra online, users can customize their business intelligence software to best serve their company. Users also have access, the majority of the time, Female Viagra street price, Comprar en línea Female Viagra, comprar Female Viagra baratos, to upgrades and applications that other users have developed, in addition to any bug fixes. This means that there is no waiting on the parent company to come out with an upgrade or develop add-ons.

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Buy Femara Without Prescription, For both software users and software creators, the advent of open source business intelligence has created much controversy. Since 1998, buying Femara online over the counter, Effects of Femara, when the Open Source Initiative was formed, a steadily increasing wave of commercial and non-commercial licensed software has been developed and distributed over the internet, Femara recreational. Femara schedule, Currently, in the realm of open source BI software, kjøpe Femara på nett, köpa Femara online, Femara reviews, over 60% of companies and governments are active users, with these numbers steadily rising, Femara natural. Femara dose, But even with such statistics, some potential users still prefer closed source software to its open source competition, real brand Femara online. Order Femara online overnight delivery no prescription, On the other hand, some new software creators also prefer the world of closed source applications, Femara results, Femara pharmacy, with little interest in developing software for open source business intelligence.

For these closed source minded software users and creators, there are a few common misconceptions about open source software that should be examined more closely.

Concerns about Open Source Software

In the case of business intelligence, online buying Femara, Order Femara from mexican pharmacy, potential users may worry about the safety and security of software that is free for download over the internet. Would valuable and potentially damaging business intelligence information really be safely filtered through free software, Buy Femara Without Prescription. Also, Femara street price, Online buy Femara without a prescription, such potential users may also be worried about bugs within the open source software, or even a “back door” for the software creator to access the user’s information.

For software creators looking to tackle business intelligence, Femara steet value, Taking Femara, the open source software model may look like a worthless investment of time and expertise. Why would anybody make business intelligence software available as a completely free download, buy generic Femara. Buy Femara online cod, How would a software creator make any money if the source of his or her labor is freely distributed to anybody who owns a computer?

The Truth about Open Source Software

For those users worried about the safety capabilities of open source business intelligence software, they can rest easy, australia, uk, us, usa. Femara from canada, Since its inception, the creation of open source software has been targeted towards benefitting users, Femara dangers, Femara samples, not scamming them. Buy Femara Without Prescription, Also, there can be no such thing as a “back door” in open source software, because all of the software’s coding is fully available for everybody to see. If large companies and corporations are using open source business intelligence software, fast shipping Femara, Femara for sale, you can be sure that it is a safe and reliable alternative to any of the pricy closed source competition. In addition, Femara price, coupon, Femara interactions, open source business software allows users to come together over forums and discussions, where everybody can work together and troubleshoot to update the software into an even better free business intelligence tool.

Hesitant software creators should also realize that they can make big profits from creating something that everybody downloads for free, Femara alternatives. Ordering Femara online, Unlike closed source companies, open source companies make money by shifting the commercial value away from their business intelligence software “product, generic Femara, Herbal Femara, ” and instead, generate money from something called the “Product Halo.” This means software creators offer the open source software for free, is Femara safe, Femara maximum dosage, but charge money for such valuable services such as tutorials, technical support, buy Femara from mexico, and system integration. Basically, if the open source business intelligence software creator is the most knowledgeable about his or her product, then users and companies will pay them for help in maintaining and updating the free software.

Though closed source software is here to stay, new software users and creators are wise to look into the benefits of the increasingly popular open source business intelligence software model.


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To understand the benefits of self-service business intelligence Buy Motilium Without Prescription, , you first need to know what self-service BI is. Purchase Motilium for sale, It is, as it sounds, about Motilium, Motilium long term, a way for business users to easily access the data that they need and create the necessary reports by themselves without having to involve the IT personnel or power users at their company. In essence, Motilium wiki, Motilium coupon, it is user-friendly business intelligence that any business user can operate.

Who Can Use Self-Service BI?

The whole point of self-service business intelligence is that anyone who needs to use it can use it, no prescription Motilium online. Where can i buy cheapest Motilium online, While BI tools are normally used by management or the key decision-makers in a company, it is now also being used by project managers to improve day-to-day performance and by real-time users in an operational capacity, purchase Motilium online no prescription. Motilium forum, Self-service BI doesn’t cut out the need for your IT personnel: they are still very necessary in creating applications and dealing with the more complicated business intelligence issues. But self-service BI does offer the benefit of streamlining the reporting process and allowing business users to handle much of it themselves.

Taking Advantage of the Benefits

Because self-service BI users don’t have to rely on your IT team to gain access to data and create reports, the decision-making process in your company can become that much faster, Buy Motilium Without Prescription. When a business user sees a problem that requires data to analyze the problem and strategize for a solution, where to buy Motilium, Motilium cost, that business user no longer has to first approach the IT department to access the data and build the necessary report. Removing that step in the process brings your business user to a solution much faster and improves the performance of your company on a much more immediate basis, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Buy cheap Motilium, Another benefit of self-service business intelligence: it frees up your IT personnel to work once again on the larger picture, rather than getting bogged down in the reporting needs of business users.

The Tools You Need for Self-Service Business Intelligence

How can you get your hands on self-service BI tools. Find a vendor that utilizes rich internet applications in its BI software, Motilium pics. Motilium price, This allows for a user-friendly interface, web-based tools and reports, Motilium photos, Motilium dosage, and reporting formats that will look and feel familiar to the user.

Business intelligence can be complex, but more and more, Motilium mg, Is Motilium addictive, vendors are creating tools that are more user-friendly and allow business users to work directly with those tools. Take a look at self-service BI and streamline the decision-making process in your company.

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