Sybase Introduces Sybase Data Integration Suite

In a last ditch effort to save itself from oblivion in the data warehouse market, with the help of a series of acquisitions, Sybase has cobbled together a data integration platform. The acquisitions first started with EII vendor, Avaki Corp., and then German ETL and EII vendor Solonde AG.

Sybase announced Sybase Data Integration Suite (SDIS), which is intended to integrate the acquired assets together. It is intended to provide a common set of modeling, design, development, and administration services for Sybase’s data integration tools.


SDIS will not be a panacea for Sybase in the data warehouse market:

* While Sybase PowerDesigner does support modeling, data design, and metadata management in SDIS 1.0, Sybase’s re-branded version of the former Solonde Transform On Demand product�i.e., Sybase ETL�won’t be incorporated into SDIS’ modeling, design, metadata, and administrative purview until Sybase delivers version 2.0 of that product, which isn’t expected until late next year.
* According to Mike Schiff, a principal with data warehousing consultancy MAS Strategies,  “If Sybase can find a way to get developers interested in more than just their mobile [SQL Anywhere technology], in IQ or what they’re doing with data integration … then maybe they could make a modest comeback,â€Â?
* The composite suite, while new for Sybase, delivers little, if anything, in the way of new data integration functionalityâ€�while the EII capabilities are there, due to the acquisition of  Avaki, the suite still lacks an integrated ETL component.  The separate Sybase ETL tool itself is little more than just a re-branded version of Solonde’s On Demand ETL product.

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