Some embarassing moments

The year is 1992-93, I am in the second year of junior college also known as
HSC in Maharashtra and Mumbai. Ramnarian Ruia college is about 15-20 minute walk from my home. I had scribbled the college timetable on a piece of paper and stuck it on a wall at my home. I would refer to this timetable for my daily
practicals and lecture schedules. Everyday the timings were different for
lectures and practicals. Some of the lectures I would just go in to fill up
the attendance sheet. I think the day was wednesday and it was one of those
lecturer for whom everyone thought the most important thing is to mark your physical attendance at the least. It could affect your grades!

So I look up my faithful timetable and head for the class. As soon as I enter the room, I felt something unusual about it. The class was already full. Knowing that it is still time for the lecture to begin and students don’t just
arrive on time. It takes a while to get the class humming but today it was
different. I see the lecturer too and someone just passed the attendance sheet
back to the lecturer so I thought maybe I should just mark my attendance and then take a seat. So I head over to grab the attendance sheet and this lecturer just swings and swirls the sheet as if dodging my hand and gives a smirky smile and heads
out of the class. I again try to get the sheet but the lecturer just turns his head and says “What for?” and disappears out of the room. The whole class bursts out into a giant laughter! wait a minute…did i miss something…what so funny about this….

I am still trying to figure out whats going on, suddenly I see classmates patting me on my back “Boss aadmi hey re tu!”…”Sahi hai re!”…and all type of similar pun-intended compliments. For those un-aware of Mumbai slang it meant “You got some guts do this kind of stuff”.

I am beginning to realise whats going on so I asked was the class pre-poned? Well see, I am still not getting it so there are still folks laughing and saying “Arey bhai class khatam ho gaya, sala khatam hone ke bad ata hai aur sidha attendance fill karne jata hai!” which meant ” coming late to the class and
still have the guts to walk up and mark the attendance, how dare you!”.
Suddenly I felt the jolt of realization and burst into laughter “How stupid I  was!”

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