Small Business information pains and solution

A typical business starts by maintaining all its information in variety of different formats. Information may reside on a personal database on your local machine or on a centralized server. It could reside on an Access database or just plain Excel spreadsheet.

You may be storing your finance information on SQL server and some inventory information on a MySQL or Access database.

So how do you access information from all these heterogeneous databases?

One way would be to somehow get all the necessary information on one page as a starting point (like a portal). From this page, you could drill into details or jump from one database to another and get information as you need.

InfoCaptor makes this process very easy for you. It connects to any database and you can link information from different databases on one common page or view. For e.g. you can link your Finance information from SQL server to the Inventory information on MySQL. You can view summary information in small windows (portlets), drill into details and view charts and graphs.

It also allows you to create beautiful reports in PDF and HTML, perfect for presentation and publishing them on your website.

You can export information into Excel, CSV, PDF and HTML.

InfoCaptor is perfect to do Ad-hoc Dashboards, Reports and create beautiful Documentation. It is an ideal tool to provide valuable Intelligence for your business.

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