SAS Releases Marketing Performance Management AKA Packaged Scorecards

SAS has released SAS for Marketing Performance Management, new software to help solve the problem of calculating marketing’s contribution to an organization’s bottom line.

The solution is integrated with SAS’ suite of customer intelligence solutions and provides predefined marketing focused scorecards for measuring and tracking marketing results.

Key Features:

* Standard marketing KPIs that comprise marketing best practices, including marketing program metrics, customer metrics, business/financial metrics and marketing process metrics with drill-down ability – this is the core product
* Predictive analytics, correlation analysis, trending – these are optional
* Data cleansing tools to ensure consistency, accuracy and reliability – these are optional (DataFlux tools)
* SAS’ performance management offerings are all built on the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform. This platform offers unmatched data integration, storage, business intelligence and analytics, so you can always be confident that your choices will deliver the expected results.
* SAS can provide activity-based management to understand the profitability of products, customers and channels, but this is optional – see the ABM handson analysis above


* This offering is essentially the SAS scorecarding product with some predefined scorecard content. All other capabilities that are positioned as features and benefits of this offering, such as analytics, data quality, activity based costing, and the platform itself are all additional licensed components (the platform is a required component).
* A customer must also buy the R9 platform, which locks the customer into SAS’s proprietary and expensive technology and ongoing leasing license model, for which the customer must pay at least 33% per year in lease payments.

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