SAP announces Enterprise Search as part of BIA

BI News from SAP TechEd: SAP announces Enterprise Search as part of BIA; Nothing New its TREX!

SAP Enterprise Search, touted as an application that allows SAP users to leverage search capabilities across their enterprise and then relate that information to specific business context, was unveiled. The new application reportedly goes beyond text-based searches by considering the enterprise’s schema and data model, as well as the role, preferences, and intentions of the person conducting the search, according to Antone Gonsalves of TechWeb. SAP Enterprise Search will be available next year.


SAP appears to be trying to jump on the bandwagon of integrating BI with Search technology. TREX is already part of SAP’s Business Intelligence Accelerator. It is an antiquated, dinosaur of a technology that requires a complete SAP Tech stack and is extremely resource intensive.

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