Print XML Publisher PDF Reports Via The Concurrent Manager

01. In order to print XML Publisher reports in PDF format directly from the concurrent manager to a printer you will need to:

a. Have a Postscript ready printer.

b. Install Pasta

c. Install third party software to convert the PDF file to another graphical format that the printer understands, such as Postscript by way of GNU utility ps2pdf–often found packaged with software like Ghostscript.

02. Verify that Pasta in general is setup as per Note 356501.1 “How to Setup Pasta Quickly and Effectively”

NOTE: Reference the following documents for more details information on setting up Pasta or XML Publisher:

239196.1 PASTA 3.0 Release Information, particular the “Pasta User’s Guide 3.0”
240864.1 IX Library: Configuration
189708.1 Oracle Reports 6i Setup Guide for Oracle Applications 11i

337999.1 About Oracle XML Publisher Release 5.6
316447.1 About Oracle XML Publisher Release 5.5, particularly step 8

03. Configure Pasta for PDF printing of XML Publisher reports.

a. Verify that the printer type “–Pasta Universal Printer Type” is associated with your printer and that the seeded “PDF Publisher” print style and PASTA_PDF printer driver are associated with this printer type.

NOTE 1: Do not attempt to combine PDF printing with general Text or Postscript printing. Separate drivers are needed for general printing and for PDF printing. That is to say, do not alter the standard Landscape, Landwide or Portrait styles and Pasta drivers.

b. Ensure that the third party tool “acroread” or “pdftops” or “pdf2ps” has already been installed in your instance.

$ which acroread
$ which pdftops
$ which pdf2ps

NOTE 2: There has been known issues with earlier version of Ghostscript. Development recommends obtaining the latest available version of Ghostscript (pdf2ps) or moving to another open source solution such as Xpdf (pdftops). More information about Xpdf can be found at However, the Adobe acroread tool provides an equivalent hardcopy printout as achieved via the browser’s Acrobat Reader viewer.

c. Verify that the file $FND_TOP/resource/pasta_pdf.cfg is present and that it contains only one “uncommented” entry corresponding to the installed third party tool, as follows. Full path to the third party software tool may be required if the tool is not within the system’s path or a known concurrent processing path.

preprocess=acroread -toPostScript -pairs {infile} {outfile}
preprocess=pdftops {infile} {outfile}
preprocess=pdf2ps {infile} {outfile}

d. Print your XML generated PDF report with the “PDF Publisher” print style.