Oracle’s Q4 Fiscal 2006 Preliminary Financial Results Exceed Guidance

New License Revenues Grew 32% REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., June 15, 2006 – Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL), today announced that preliminary Q4 fiscal 2006 financial results exceeded management’s previous guidance. New software license revenues increased 32% to $2.12 billion, exceeding previous guidance of 8% to 18% growth.  Database technology license revenues grew 18%, while applications license … Read more

Key to successful EPB implementation

EPB Basics: EPB which stands for Enterprise Planning and Budgeting is an offering from Oracle that allows organizations to do their planning and budgeting. In effect it replaces Oracle Financial Analyser but it can be used practically for lot of different planning and analysis purpose. Components: There are two key components to the whole EPB … Read more

PerformancePoint Server 2007

Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday unveiled PerformancePoint Server 2007, which would eventually become the focal point for all of the company’s business intelligence tools. Scheduled for release in beta in November, PerformancePoint Server is expected to leverage analysis and reporting capabilities in SQL Server 2005 database and present information to a company’s knowledge workers through Office … Read more

Government Outsourcing Business Intelligence Work

Dun and Bradstreet has been supplying business intelligence to the federal government for the past two and a half decades, but in the past five years, the government has dramatically increased its use of the company’s data. The Homeland Security Department and the intelligence community in particular rely on D&B information for risk mitigation.

Where I want to be?

I have been doing the same thing for past several years, i.e consulting for other companies, ofcourse the technology changes but overall its the same thing over and over. Sometimes I feel its enough doing the same thing but what else am I suppose to do? Whatever I would do for living my life, at … Read more

EPB vs OFA comparison part 1

Some highlighted areas of improvement for Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Minipack A over Financial Analyzer • Enterprise Planning and Budgeting sits on top of Enterprise Performance Foundation, which is the platform for other Corporate Performance Management applications such as Oracle Financial Consolidation Hub. This allows Enterprise Planning and Budgeting to share common dimensions and data, … Read more

EPB : New Rollup Patch

Rollup patch E1 contains a small amount of important bug fixes which fell outside the Rollup Patch E window.  It also contains certification for the new version of FEM released on Friday – FEM D1.  Please refer to the FEM About Document on Metalink for all the details on the new features it contains.  For … Read more

Ellison’s Buying Power?

Larry Ellison selling his house, so can we predict another acquisition soon? But which software company is worth $16 million? Maybe I should quickly create one, just in case my company gets picked up, he he he :-))

EPB : Unmapped Chart of Accounts

– OGL EPB BALANCE RULE ERROR CHART OF ACCOUNTS HAVE NOT BEEN MAPPED PROPERLY : ZPB -   Ever encountered the unmapped accounts error during running of the GL balance rule? If you hit this error then the concurrent request output will display all the GL code combinations for which the run has failed. The common solution … Read more