BI Dashboard News

BusinessObjects XI Release 2 Adds Needed Stability with Some … – New York,NY,USA … versatile its BI infrastructure and capabilities had become and began monitoring several disease states against historical benchmarks. An eMARS dashboard for … Maximize Business Performance: – New York,NY,USA … At this point in time, Applix provides the necessary BI, … Read more

Overview of Key and Descriptive Flex fields

Here is a brief description of key and descriptive flexfields. It is not detailed but gives a good overview. Key Flexfield:  Most businesses use codes made up of meaningful segments (intelligent keys) to identify accounts, part numbers, and other business entities. For example, a company might have a part number â€?PAD–NR–YEL–8 1/2×14â€? indicating a notepad, … Read more

Where is the equilibrium state in humans!

In Nature, everything tends to achieve the “equilibrium” state. For e.g. In physics we learn that “Water” tries to find its own level, and if you remember the experiments, there are two containers that are connected with each other using a small pipe near the bottom of the containers. The shape and size of the … Read more

Enterprise Service Bus & SOA

Another important development in the SOA environment is an enterprise service bus (ESB). An ESB is a message-based capability that facilitates interaction between distributed resources. An ESB is not required for SOA, but it does increase the power and flexibility of SOA usage.The objective of an ESB is to route messages between resources in a … Read more

Embedded Analytics

Wayne Eckerson at offers his insight into Embedded Analytics. Here is what he says “ Embedded analytics are the next wave in business intelligence because they bring BI closer to the operations and processes that drive businesses on a daily basis. Embedded analytics won’t replace standalone BI tools. Rather, they will make the functionality offered … Read more

Intelligent Business – Dashboards – CPM and more

Intelligent business is a fundamental shift in thinking for the world of data warehousing and business intelligence. More Details… —————————————————————————– BI and PM components      BI and PM are not monoliths. In our definition, any PM initiative is made up of at least two of the following components:  BI products—Tools that provide information gathering, … Read more

Easy steps to uninstall (re-install) EPF and EPB

Enterprise Performance Foundation Refresh Engine, is a nice feature that ships with EPB and CPM offering. Its always been an issue un-installing Oracle tools installed on your PC. With the CPM offering, Oracle has provided this useful tool that allows you to reset all the setups and data back to the original state when the … Read more

Backup is always a good idea!

 After reading the post above regarding a hijacked blog, I have immediately taken a backup of this entire site. Not that it has lot of postings and since the blog is only half the age that of my son (6 months!), it is not as critical but I want to cultivate the habit of doing … Read more

Oracle’s Q4 Fiscal 2006 Preliminary Financial Results Exceed Guidance

New License Revenues Grew 32% REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., June 15, 2006 – Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL), today announced that preliminary Q4 fiscal 2006 financial results exceeded management’s previous guidance. New software license revenues increased 32% to $2.12 billion, exceeding previous guidance of 8% to 18% growth.  Database technology license revenues grew 18%, while applications license … Read more