Ellison’s Buying Power?

Larry Ellison selling his house, so can we predict another acquisition soon? But which software company is worth $16 million? Maybe I should quickly create one, just in case my company gets picked up, he he he :-))

EPB : Unmapped Chart of Accounts

– OGL EPB BALANCE RULE ERROR CHART OF ACCOUNTS HAVE NOT BEEN MAPPED PROPERLY : ZPB -   Ever encountered the unmapped accounts error during running of the GL balance rule? If you hit this error then the concurrent request output will display all the GL code combinations for which the run has failed. The common solution … Read more

What is Oracle Apps (ERP)?

(Also known as e-business suite) Lets take an example. Suppose you are running a small grocery shop named “Janata Groceryâ€?, so the typical operation as a shop owner is you basically buy groceries from some big seller and stock it in your shop. Now people come to your shop for day-to-day needs and buy stuff … Read more

SPSS Review Current Analysis

SPSS Review Current Analysis Overview SPSS 14.0 is an enterprise-class offering that reflects the company’s evolution from the desktop to the department and, finally, to the enterprise. SPSS has always been recognized as one of the premier desktop statistical software vendors, but it has sometimes been mis-positioned as being little more than a desktop or … Read more

Most important BI player

Positive Coverage from Bloor: Oracle set to become probably the most important player in the BI market Oracle has for a long time been the predominant database used in general business for data warehousing and other BI uses. Its tool set, whilst complete, has never quite matched the appeal of the database. Oracle tools were … Read more

Latest Enhancements to PowerCenter 8

Latest Enhancements to PowerCenter 8 Since the initial rollout of PowerCenter 8 on a limited basis in December 2005, Informatica has made further enhancements to the generally available release, resulting in the following new capabilities:       * Advanced data quality products — With Informatica’s acquisition of  Similarity Systems, PowerCenter 8 now includes new products … Read more

JasperSource to Release a BI Suite

Move Over Pentaho; JasperSource to Release a BI Suite JasperReports last year was commercialized by JasperSoft Corp. (the former Panscopic), which bundled a report authoring client (iReport), a portal-based, embeddable reporting engine (JasperDecisions), and other complementary enhancements with the vanilla JasperReports library.  At the MySQL conference, JasperSoft announced an open source BI suite, JasperIntelligence, which … Read more

Teradata sets up global consulting or in India

Teradata sets up global consulting or in India Teradata has established its global consulting center in India, comprising specialists who will serve as the essential Data Warehouse (DW)/Business Intelligence (BI) Center of Excellence (CoE) for Teradata customers in more than 15 countries. This is the third CoE established by Teradata, the other two being in … Read more

IBM releases WebSphere Product Center 5.3

IBM releases WebSphere Product Center 5.3  WebSphere Product Center (WPC) 5.3 is product information management software that assists users in developing and managing a central repository of master data information. The new version includes a Java API and Web services that can be layered on top of the middleware to facilitate integration with SOA (service-oriented … Read more