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When it comes to blog reading, I have a very targeted lists of blogs that I regularly visit. Its really amazing to see the amount of information that is being put out on the web by expert bloggers. In my early days it was tough to find such good information. Today, the case, it seems is the opposite, information overload! Here are some of the blogs that I read and also mentioning briefly what aspect of Oracle Tech they cover.

The following three blogs are the ones which will keep you up-to-date about Oracle Tech and BI

  • Steven Chan – This is one of the best blogs coming out of Oracle. The articles and posts are very targeted and informative, more often times better than Oracle documentation ;-). Steve covers every concerning Oracle e-business suite technology, Tech stack, certification issues, integration points and much more. Steve is also one of the most active Oracle Executive bloggers
  • OracleBI – This blog started by Abhinav Agarwal is the best Oracle Business Intelligence blogs coming straight from the insiders. It started covering most of the Discoverer related stuff in the beginning and now the focus is shifting towards the newly adopted son = Siebel Analytics 😉 It also covers Data mining, OLAP and BI publisher (formerly XML publisher). This is also one of the most active blogs and more coming from Oracle Executives and Product Managers.
  • Mark Rittman – Mark is the Oracle Guru! His site is one of the most informative and useful ones I have seen. He doesn’t write posts instead lengthy tutorials and presentation materials which I think is very useful. He covers Data warehousing, DBA stuff, OLAP, Data mining, Oracle Warehouse Builder, XML publisher, Sieble, Discoverer…. and the list goes on.

The following blogs are Oracle Apps specific

  • OracleAppsBlog – Richard started this blog when no one was blogging about Oracle Apps and that’s one of the reasons he was able to acquire such a nice domain name 🙂 His blog has variety of articles covering functional aspects of Oracle Apps modules. His site also has a nice forum. Michael Siebert also blogs there. Actually, I like the idea of having multiple authors sharing the blog space as it is more convinient for users.
  • Anil Passi – This is a blog that I came across during one of my googling expeditions. Anil shares his knowledge via step-by-step tutorials and is a definite read. Only complaint I have is that the navigation is a little confusing but who cares – most of the times, Google takes me straight to the pages I need 😉
  • Oracle Contractors Blog – This is also a nice site having a group of bloggers sharing tips, experience and advice. I found it via OracleAppsblog. I didn’t get much chance to go through the website entirely but it looks like a good start.
  • Applications and Business Intelligence – This is the blog that you are currently reading 😉 Sorry for the self boasting but I do have an evil agenda here, one is to share what I learnt from all the years (which itself balances some of the evilness) and the second is to boast about my product and make some living from it which is not as evil as you might think. I don’t have perfect knowledge on any single topic (which makes me jack of all ….) so you will find lot of variety here ranging from oracle technical, some functional, discoverer, non-oracle, dashboards, EPB, DBI and InfoCaptor.

Discoverer related blogs

  • Michael Amstrong – He is one of the respected Discoverer experts. His blog is very much dedicated to Discoverer. You can always reach him through the Oracle Forums. If you are into Discoverer then there is a very high chance that you already know him, so I need not talk further 🙂

Non-Oracle Blogs

  • Steve Pavlina – A site about Personal Development and much more. Words do not justify the amout of content on this site but it is a definite read if one needs to look beyond Daily routine, jobs and the regular stuff. If not today, maybe one day we all need to think about who I am? where I am ? and where I want to be?
  • Joel On Software – A very popular site discussing about software. I particularly hangout(occasionally) in the forums on this site.

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