Oracle Purchasing (PO) key table – po_distributions_all (3)

PO_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL contains accounting distribution
information fora purchase order shipment line. You need one row for
each distribution line you attach to a purchase order shipment. There
are four types of documents using distributions in Oracle Purchasing:
• Standard Purchase Orders
• Planned Purchase Orders
• Planned Purchase Order Releases
• Blanket Purchase Order Releases
Each row includes the destination type, requestor ID, quantity ordered
and deliver–to location for the distribution. Oracle Purchasing uses
this information to record accounting and requisition information for
purchase orders and releases.
PO_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL is one of five tables storing purchase order
and release information.
Some columns in PO_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL contain information only
if certain conditions exist:
• If you autocreate this accounting distribution from a requisition,
REQ_DISTRIBUTION_ID corresponds to the ID of the
requisition distribution you copy on the purchase order.
• If you use a foreign currency on your purchase order,Oracle
Purchasing stores currency conversion information in RATE and
• If you use encumbrance, GL_ENCUMBERED_DATE and
GL_ENCUMBERED_PERIOD_NAME contain encumbrance
information Oracle Purchasing uses to create journal entries in
Oracle General Ledger.
• If you do not autocreate the purchase order from online
requisitions, REQ_LINE_REFERENCE_NUM and
REQ_HEADER_REFERENCE_NUM contain the requisition
number and requisition line number of the corresponding paper
requisition. These two columns are not foreign keys to another
• If the distribution corresponds to a blanket purchase order
release, PO_RELEASE_ID identifies this release.
• If SOURCE_DISTRIBUTION_ID has a value, the distribution is
part of a planned purchase order release.
If you cancel the distribution, Oracle Purchasing automatically
GL_CANCELLED_DATE. Oracle Purchasing also enters
UNENCUMBERED_AMOUNT if you use encumbrance.

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