Oracle Projects key Tables PA (1)

PA_PROJECTS_ALL stores the highest units of work defined in Oracle Projects at which funding can be allocated and at which revenue, invoices, unbilled receivables, and unearned revenue are generated and maintained. At the project level, users can specify the methods to be used for revenue accrual and billing, and the invoice formats to be used for invoicing. A project is broken down into one or more tasks. All projects can be funded by one or more agreements.

PA_TASKS PA_TASKS stores user–defined subdivisions of project work. Tasks can be broken down into multiple levels of subtasks. The depth and width of the work breakdown structure (WBS) are unlimited. The WBS is held using the TASK_ID and PARENT_TASK_ID columns. Two columns related to the WBS are denormalized: TOP_TASK_ID and WBS_LEVEL.

PA_PERIODS_ALL stores implementation–defined periods in Oracle Projects by which project performance is measured. PA Periods can be different from your general ledger accounting periods (GL Periods). You can define PA Periods as weekly periods, while GL periods are monthly. In Oracle Projects, costs and revenue can be reported by PA Period as well as by GL Period. You define a PA period or periods in the GL calendar associated with the set of books used in PA_IMPLEMENTATIONS_ALL. You then copy the PA periods from the GL calendar to this table. You maintain the status of the period in this table.

PA_PROJECT_TYPES_ALL stores implementation–defined classifications of projects that specify whether a project burdens labor costs and whether the project is contract, capital or indirect (based on PROJECT_TYPE_CLASS_CODE). Project types are also used during project entry to specify default information such as invoice formats, standard bill rate schedules, and task service types.

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