Oracle Project Accounting (PA) : Project, Task, WBS, Burdening

project/task organization The Organization that owns the project or task. This can be
any organization in the LOV (list of values) for the project setup. The Project/Task
Organization LOV contains organizations of the Project/Task Organization Type in
the Organization Hierarchy and Version below the Start Organization. You specify
your Start Organization and Version in the Implementation Options window.

work breakdown structure (WBS) The breakdown of project work into tasks.
These tasks can be broken down further into subtasks, or hierarchical units of work.

Project Accounting Period An implementation–defined period against which project performance may be measured. Also referred to as PA Periods. You define project accounting periods to track project accounting data on a periodic basis by assigning a start date, end date, and closing status to each period. Typically,
you define project accounting periods on a weekly basis, and your general ledger
periods on a monthly basis.

Project Burdening Organization Hierarchy The organization hierarchy version that
Oracle Projects uses to compile burden schedules. Each business group must
designate one and only one version of an organization hierarchy as its Project
Burdening Organization Hierarchy. (Note: In Oracle Projects Implementation Options,
each operating unit is associated with an organization hierarchy and version for
project setup, invoice level processing, and project reporting. The Project Burdening
Organization Hierarchy selected for the business group does not have to match the
hierarchy version in the Implementation

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