Oracle Inventory (INV) key tables – mtl_item_categories, mtl_item_sub_inventories (2)

MTL_ITEM_CATEGORIES stores the item assignments to categories
within a category set. For each category assignment, this table stores the
item, the category set, and the category. Items may be assigned to
multiple categories and category sets but may be assigned to only one
category in a given category set.
This table may be populated through the Master Items and Organization
Items windows. It can also be populated by performing item
assignments when a category set is defined. It is also populated when
an item is transferred from engineering to manufacturing.

MTL_ITEM_SUB_INVENTORIES maintains a listing of subinventories
assigned to an inventory or engineering item.
These subinventories make up the list of valid subinventories when
transacting this specific item and the user has specified (in the master
window) that the item must use subinventories restricted to a
pre–defined list.

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