Oracle Inventory (INV) key tables – mtl_demand (4)


This table stores demand and reservation information used in Available
To Promise, Planning and other Manufacturing functions. There are
three major row types stored in the table: Summary Demand rows,
Open Demand Rows, and Reservation Rows.

Summary Demand
is direct demand for an item within an organization
on a particular date that originated from a particular source. For hard
reservations there are several columns which further define what the
reservation is for, and where it is being placed. Currently, four sources
of demand are supported, Sales Order, Account, Account Alias, and
User Defined transaction sources.

Five different types of demand, denoted by DEMAND_TYPE column, are used. These five types are Model, Option Class, Option Item, Configuration Item and Derived.
Derived demand rows are inserted by BOM Demand exploder when
demanded item has ATPable components.

Each Summary Demand row may be associated with one or more Reservation rows. Reservation may be placed against a particular inventory control (that is, specific
subinventory, locator, revision and lot) against any sources (that is,
Account Number, Account Alias, Sales Order or even User–Defined

Each Summary Demand row may be associated with one or
more detailed rows. The detailed rows consist of reservations and open
demand. A reservation row represents a firm promise of a supply
source. Currently, two types of reservation are supported, reservations
to on–hand, and reservations to WIP jobs.

Each summary demand row may be associated with one and only one open demand row. Open Demand rows represent the un–reserved portion of the the Summary

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