Oracle HRMS key Tables (2)

PER_ALL_ASSIGNMENTS_F is the DateTracked table that holds information about employee assignments. It also holds details of assignments for which an applicant has applied. The ASSIGNMENT_TYPE is E for an employee assignment, and A for an
applicant assignment. Employees must have at least one employee assignment at all times in a period of service, and each assignment must have a unique number. Employees can have multiple assignments at any time, but there must always be a designated
primary assignment. Applicants must have at least one applicant assignment throughout their application. Each assignment has an assignment status that can change over time.

PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F is the DateTracked table that holds personal information for employees, applicants, ex–employees, ex–applicants, contacts and other people. The columns START_DATE, EFFECTIVE_START_DATE and EFFECTIVE_END_DATE are all
maintained by DateTrack. The START_DATE is the date when the first record for this person was created. The earliest EFFECTIVE_START_DATE for a person is equal to the START_DATE.

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