Oracle HRMS (human resource management) HR key Tables (2)

 PER_ALL_VACANCIES holds definitions of vacancies within a specific requisition. A vacancy may include components identifying an organization, job, group, grade, position and location. These are used as the defaults for any applicant assignment to that vacancy. NOTE :This table is also part of i-Recruitment module

PER_APPLICATIONS holds the identifying information about applications for employment. Applications are equivalent to the period of service for an employee. An applicant may have only one open application at any time, but within each application they can apply for any number of different assignments. Information for each assignment
applied for, including the current status in that assignment, is held in PER_ALL_ASSIGNMENTS_F. When an applicant is terminated, or is hired as an employee DATE_END is set by the system.

PER_JOBS holds jobs that have been defined for a Business Group. The NAME is a concatenation of key flexfield segments, held in PER_JOB_DEFINITIONS. Jobs define the role that an employee can perform in the business group, and they are independent of specific organizations.

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