Oracle FND key tables , FND_ID_FLEX_STRUCTURES (2)

FND_ID_FLEX_STRUCTURES stores structure information about key
flexfields. Each row includes the flexfield code and the structure
number (ID_FLEX_NUM), which together identify the structure, and the
name and description of the structure. Each row also includes values
that indicate whether the flexfield structure is currently frozen, whether
rollup groups are frozen (FREEZE_STRUCTURED_HIER_FLAG),
whether users can dynamically insert new combinations of segment
values through the flexfield pop–up window, and whether the flexfield
should use segment cross–validation rules. Each row also contains
information about shorthand flexfield entry for this structure, including
whether shorthand entry is enabled, the prompt for the shorthand
window, and the length of the shorthand alias field in the shorthand
window. You need one row for each structure of each key flexfield.
Oracle Application Object Library uses this information to generate a
compiled key flexfield definition to store in the

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