Oracle FND key tables , FND_FLEX_VALUES (3)

FND_FLEX_VALUES stores valid values for key and descriptive
flexfield segments. Oracle Application Object Library uses this table
when users define values for independent or dependent type value sets.
Oracle Application Object Library also uses this table when users define
parent values for ranges of child values that exist in a validation table
(Oracle Application Object Library stores the parent values in this table).
Each row includes the value (FLEX_VALUE) and its hierarchy level if
applicable as well as the identifier of the value set the value belongs to.
If the value is a dependent value, PARENT_FLEX_VALUE_LOW
contains the independent value this value depends upon. Oracle
Application Object Library does not use the
N, this value is currently invalid, regardless of the start and end dates.

If ENABLED_FLAG contains Y, the start and end dates indicate if this
value is currently valid.

SUMMARY_FLAG indicates if this value is a parent value that has child values, and
STRUCTURED_HIERARCHY_LEVEL contains the rollup group the
parent value belongs to, if any (1 through 9).
COMPILED_VALUE_ATTRIBUTES contains the compiled values of any
segment qualifiers assigned to this value. These values are in a special
Oracle Application Object Library format, and you should never modify

are descriptive flexfield columns, where VALUE_CATEGORY is the
context (structure defining) column.

These descriptive flexfield columns do not contain values unless you have defined the descriptive flexfield at your site. You need one row for each independent, dependent or
parent value belonging to a value set.

Oracle Application Object Library uses this information to ensure that users enter valid values in flexfield segments

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