Oracle Fixed Assets (FA) Key Tables fa_books

FA_BOOKS contains the information that Oracle Assets needs to
calculate depreciation.
When you initially add an asset, Oracle Assets inserts one row into the
table. This becomes the �active� row for the asset. Whenever you use
the Depreciation Books form to change the asset’s depreciation
information, or if you retire or reinstate it, Oracle Assets inserts another
row into the table, which then becomes the new �active� row, and
marks the previous row as obsolete.

At any point in time, there is only one �active� row in the table for an asset in any given depreciation book. Generally, Oracle Assets uses the active row, but if you run a
report for a prior accounting period, Oracle Assets selects the row that
was active during that period. You can identify the active row for an
asset in a book because it is the only one whose DATE_INEFFECTIVE
When Oracle Assets terminates a row, the DATE_INEFFECTIVE and
TRANSACTION_HEADER_IN of the new row, respectively. This
means that you can easily identify rows affected by the same transaction
because they have the same DATE_EFFECTIVE / DATE_INEFFECTIVE

When Oracle Assets creates the new row, the value used for the TRANSACTION_HEADER_ID_IN column is the same as the TRANSACTION_HEADER_ID in the row inserted into FA_TRANSACTION_HEADERS, and the
DATE_EFFECTIVE is the system date.
When you retire an asset, Oracle Assets inserts a new row to reduce the
COST by the amount retired.
When you reinstate an asset, Oracle Assets inserts a new row to increase
the COST by the COST_RETIRED in the corresponding row in
RATE_ADJUSTMENT_FACTOR is originally 1. It is used to spread
depreciation over the remaining life of an asset after an amortization or
revaluation. If you perform a revaluation or an amortized adjustment,
Oracle Assets resets the Rate Adjustment Factor to prorate the
remaining recoverable net book value over the remaining life.

This fraction is calculated as [Recoverable Cost – what Depreciation Reserve
would be]/Recoverable Cost. The depreciation program uses this value
to adjust the depreciation rate for an asset.

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