Oracle EPB and Siebel Analytics


Here is an excerpt from EPB development group about the feasibility of putting Siebel Analytics on top of EPB.


We have received a number of questions recently about the feasibility of putting SBA on top of EPB AWs. Currently, this is not an easy thing to do. SBA requires ‘standard form’ AW metadata, which EPB does not support as it is insufficient for financial analysis, and SBA does not support value-based hierarchies.

Technically, one could manually create a shadow AW of the shared AW and manually create the standard form metadata that corresponds to the EPB structures. However, each time that the metadata in the EPB shared AW is updated, one would manually have to update the shadow AW’s standard form metadata. We have not tested this approach, and we would not recommend it because of the manual work involved whenever, for example, a hierarchy was updated or a new dimension member added.

It is feasible to put SBA on top of FEM, but obviously then the data is not processed by EPB.

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