Oracle Cost Management Overview

Oracle Cost Management is a full absorption, perpetual and periodic
cost system for purchasing, inventory, work in process, and order
management transactions.

Cost Management supports multiple cost elements, costed transactions, comprehensive valuation and variance reporting, and thorough integration with Oracle Financials.
Cost Management automatically costs and values all inventory, work in
process, and purchasing transactions.

This means that inventory and work in process costs are up–to–date and inventory value matches the cumulative total of accounting transactions. Cost Management provides flexible cost setup features, including multiple cost elements and unlimited subelements, unlimited resources and overheads, and unlimited activities.

You can use one or more of the following cost elements: material, material overhead, resource, outside processing, and overhead. Subelements enable you to analyze
costs in greater detail.

For example, you can have multiple material overhead subelements such as purchasing, material handling, freight, duty, and so on. This enables you to accurately define and maintain costs and associate them with items.
Cost Management provides flexible account setup, including accounts by organization, subinventory, and work in process accounting class so that you can distribute costs to the proper expense accounts and capture valuation in the proper asset accounts.
Cost Management provides comprehensive valuation and variance reporting. Perpetual inventory and work in process balances are maintained on-line. Multiple variances are supported: purchase price, standard cost, cycle count, physical inventory, work in process usage, and work in process efficiency.
Cost Management also provides extensive cost simulation, copying,
and editing capabilities that enable you to project costs and keep them
Cost Management supports flexible period–based accounting that
enables you to transact in more than one open period at the same time.
You can reconcile and analyze one open period while conducting
business in a subsequent period. Additionally, you can transfer
summary or detail account activity to Oracle General Ledger at any
time and close a period at any time.

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