Oracle Celebrates 20 Years on NASDAQ

A great story…in few words, inspiring too!

Larry Ellison’s message

Twenty years ago we went public, with 2,100,000 shares of Oracle stock
issued on the NASDAQ. Our share price opened at $15 and closed at
$20.75. If we take into account the ten stock splits we’ve had in the
past twenty years, the adjusted opening price was $.05. We’re proud to
be listed on the NASDAQ and to be part of the NASDAQ-100.

Here we are twenty years later. We have been number one in database for
years, and the same drive, creativity, and innovation that led to our
successful offering has continued to push us to new levels. We are now
the largest enterprise software company in the world, offering database,
middleware, and applications. We have scaled our employee force from
fewer than 500 employees in 1986 to 65,000 employees globally. Our
revenues reached $15.526 billion in the past trailing 12 months, a
respectable increase from $55 million twenty years ago. And now, more
than 275,000 customers in more than 145 countries trust us with their
business. We have served our shareholders well. A $10,000 investment in
the initial public offering of Oracle back in 1986 would now be worth
$4,082,280 based on Tuesday’s closing price.

If we continue to focus on delivering value to our customers and driving
innovation to the highest levels, our shareholders will continue to
benefit. Our scale will undoubtedly help. The fact that Oracle’s $1.9
billion R&D budget in FY06 was higher than the annual revenue reported
by most software companies shows our commitment to product quality and
innovation. We’ll use our scale and the same tenacity that got us to
this juncture to grow our database leadership position and become number
one in middleware and applications globally. We have the brightest
talent in the enterprise software industry, and I am confident that we
will achieve our goals.

Congratulations and thank you for your hard work, dedication, and focus.

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