OBIEE – BI Apps – Analytics and Module Mapping

When deciding to implement BI Apps for OBIEE it is worth to understand what each packaged analytics contents are and how do they map to the Oracle e-Business Suite modules. I am going to start a series on OBIEE explaining each analytics module and then discuss on the drawbacks of each and how to go about adding customizations to the package analytics.

There are lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to customizations to any seeded content. The usual still holds true “Oracle will not support any customizations”

But in my experience I have done customizations to the seeded Oracle Apps EUL and gone to the extent of customizing seeded Dashboards in Daily Business Intelligence. There are always rules to be followed and certain precautions to be taken so that your customization do not break any future patching. So there is always a risk.

Following is the mapping between the analytics and ebs modules


Oracle Business Intelligence


Associated Source

Application or Module

Order Management Analytics

Order Fulfillment Analytics Option

Oracle Order Management

Oracle Financials (for


Oracle Supply Chain

Inventory Analytics

Oracle Discrete


Procurement and Spend Analytics

Supplier Performance Analytics

Oracle Purchasing/


Oracle iProcurement

Oracle Financials (Payables)

General Ledger & Profitability Analytics

Payables Analytics

Receivables Analytics

Oracle Financials (GL,

Payables, Receivables)

Human Resources Operations &

Compliance Analytics

Human Resources Compensation


Oracle Human Resources

Oracle Payroll

Financial Services Profitability


Oracle Financial Services

Applications (OFSA) Financial

Data Manager 4.5.x3

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