Most important BI player

Positive Coverage from Bloor: Oracle set to become probably the most important player in the BI market

Oracle has for a long time been the predominant database used in general business for data warehousing and other BI uses. Its tool set, whilst complete, has never quite matched the appeal of the database. Oracle tools were adequate but never really exciting or groundbreaking. With the acquisition of Siebel Oracle find themselves as the owners of one of the most exciting BI solutions available at present.

 This all indicates that Oracle is taking BI very seriously, and this new found enthusiasm is being backed by significant investment and the creation of a very complete vision to enable them to compete very aggressively in all segments of the market. Critically, Oracle are setting to be very open, not just in terms of word and conformance to standard, but explicitly and enthusiastically they are setting out to embrace other tools be they SAP, DB2, or Microsoft and offer an open, hot pluggable solution, which is a best of breed tools and applications set that will be very compelling.

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