MockupTiger in the Zoo!

My wife and kid are vacationing in India and everyday I talk to my son about what he did today. One thing he always ask me is “Is it night in Pittsburgh?”, “Is it night in Virginia?”. He finds it intriguing how come the day never happens at the same time in India and America. I guess it is time for a geography lesson for him when he gets back.

So, recently when he visited the Zoo in India, I asked him what all did he see. He started naming the animals …”I saw elephant..ummm lion…ummm and dad! dad! guess what? I saw mockuptiger!”. I had such a hearty laugh at that and I reverted “Are you making fun of my product?”. He continued, “there were two mockuptigers, one was sleeping and second roaming”. So that was funny and I started reflecting on how MockupTiger was born….here is short history

One of my chinese friend once told me that in China when a baby is born, they drop a vessel on the floor and whatever sound the impact makes determines the name of the baby. If they drop a spoon the sound is like “ching ..ching.”..ok..lets name the baby Chan, a big bowl –“chong dong”…pong…and so on. I guess he had pretty good sense of humor and he fooled me for a while.

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