Express Vacation : Just completed an express and short vacation trip to India. My Brother got engaged! My Son enjoyed his first taste of Alphonso Mango (namely known as King of Fruits). Its amazing how things went by so fast that everything seems to have happened in dream. Before leaving for India, I had to call up the US passport office to expedite the delivery of my son’s passport and they literally sent it the same day I called! Then I mailed the India visa application and had them process it the same day, got them mailed it the same day.

 Express Sickness: Everything was fine after returning from India, returned home on Sunday night and headed back to the client in west coast the following morning. The night of Monday had a high fever for no apparent reason. Took a day off and now getting normal. Maybe all the express things needed a break somewhere 🙂

 Help Needed!! Is there a way to set a preference somewhere or tell the hotel owner/managers not to tuck the bedsheets?? I share the feeling of George in Sienfield

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