MBA Finance and ERP – Can it go together?

I get lot of emails asking questions about career with ERP. For example, one of our readers asked the question below

“Hi, I have done MBA in Finance and willing to work in ERP, which modules would be better suited for my skillset”

The beauty of any ERP system, is you need both functional and technical people for any kind of ERP projects. Now having an MBA in Finance degree gives you lot of upper hand in the functional knowledge.

Oracle ERP has various modules divided by functions such as Finance, Manufacturing, HR etc.

So having a Finance background you can easily take a stab at General Ledger, Account Receivables, Account Payables, Cash Management, Purchasing, Fixed Assets etc. Once you become familiar with them you can explore other modules in Manufacturing.

Now the question do you want to become technical or remain truly functional? It always helps to know little bit of SQL and the table relationships. Being a Functional consultant means able to do setups, fix setups, maintain them, communicate with direct users, communicate with technical people, writing functional specs and so on.

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