Lazy dashboards and lazy users/dba : Autorefresh

Almost all the dashboards in the market can be categorized as “Lazy Dashboards”. Why? To see the information, you have to click on refresh or the “go” button.

InfoCaptor is going to become one of the first non-lazy dashboards. Based on user requirements and lot of thoughts, it will soon have the feature to refresh the contents automatically at certain present interval.

There are few benefits of this feature, for e.g one of my users is having the need to display dashboards on big televisions where everybody can glance at the numbers and charts as they walk by. In this situation, you definitely need the dashboards to refresh automatically.

InfoCaptor will have the ability to set the time interval in seconds in order to meet some of those demanding situations.

This is really getting cutting-edge….more about this later once it is eventually released!

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