Latest Enhancements to PowerCenter 8

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Latest Enhancements to PowerCenter 8

Since the initial rollout of PowerCenter 8 on a limited basis in December 2005, Informatica has made further enhancements to the generally available release, resulting in the following new capabilities:


    * Advanced data quality products — With Informatica’s acquisition of  Similarity Systems, PowerCenter 8 now includes new products that deliver advanced data quality capabilities:  Informatica Data Quality and Informatica Data Explorer.
    * Enhanced 64-bit platform support — Windows 32-bit, Windows on Itanium, Solaris 32-bit, Solaris 64-bit, Solaris on x64/Opteron, AIX 32-bit, AIX 64-bit, HP/UX 32-bit, HP/UX 64-bit/Itanium, SuSe Linux on 64-bit, Redhat Linux 32-bit, Redhat Linux 64-bit.
    * Expanded enterprise data access — New PowerExchange options include data sources such as JD Edwards OneWorld, DB2/UDB Real-time, IDMS
    * Real-time, as well as changed data capture support for leading database environments.
    * New Visual Mapping Design Tool:  Informatica Data Stencil. Concurrent with the PowerCenter 8 release, Informatica is also now offering a data-flow design tool based on Microsoft Visio: Informatica Data Stencil. Free of charge to customers, Data Stencil provides a Visio template that allows rapid construction of data flows, which directly feed PowerCenter 8’s Mapping Generation product to automatically generate PowerCenter mappings. The tool works bi-directionally, so that existing PowerCenter mappings can create a visual map of the data flow. Customers can download Data Stencil and sample mapping templates by visiting

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