JasperSource to Release a BI Suite

Move Over Pentaho; JasperSource to Release a BI Suite

JasperReports last year was commercialized by JasperSoft Corp. (the former Panscopic), which bundled a report authoring client (iReport), a portal-based, embeddable reporting engine (JasperDecisions), and other complementary enhancements with the vanilla JasperReports library.

 At the MySQL conference, JasperSoft announced an open source BI suite, JasperIntelligence, which the company says it will roll out over the next few months.

     * JasperSoft’s new JasperServer deliverableâ€�BI server middleware is available in both commercial and open-source variants. JasperIntelligence components include JasperReports, along with JasperDesigner (an open-source report design tool), JasperETL, and JasperDecisions. As for the new JasperServer deliverable, it’s written in Java and supports PHP, Perl, Python and other scripting languages.
    * JasperServer can generate reports in most common formats, including HTML, PDF, Excel and Word. It uses HTTP, SOAP, Web services, and Java APIs to communicate with other applications, and can retrieve data using JDBC, POJO and XML.
    * JasperAnalytics will support slicing and dicing, pivoting, filtering, charting, and drill-down.  It is an open-source Java deliverable.

 JasperSoft, which estimates about 10,000 deployments of its software, intends to make money by charging for high-end versions of its open-source tools and by offering support services.

 According to MySQL AB’s own polling, JasperReports is the most popular reporting engine for the MySQL database, used by about 40 percent of all MySQL shops within the MySQL community.

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