Involve Employees in your Dashboard project

Apart from hiring consultants in your BI and Dashboard project, make an attempt to involve your employees from day one. This will have multiple benefits

  • Your employees can share the company standards with the consultant
  • Your employees can learn much faster from the consultant’s expertise

Here is a good CIO article on letting your employees involve in the metrics definition process

Let employees help set the metrics. When employees help determine what a dashboard will measure, they’re more likely to think it’s a fair tool for measuring productivity and performance. “If people think the metrics are appropriately set, they’re not going to feel as threatened,”

When you ask your employees to get involved

Stress the benefits of transparency. Tell employees they’ll see the type of data that years ago may have lived only in the office of the CFO. Employees can use the information to stay abreast of the company’s performance. When something substantial happens to the business, they wont feel broadsided.

Explain the performance upside. A boss who’s using dashboards to track employee performance is not hiding a secret spreadsheet that tracks his winners and losers, only to be revealed at the end of the quarter. “You not only know how you’re doing, you know how your competitors are doing in other departments,”

Lot of times, when you work as an employee, as a coder, developer, tester or project manager, the employee is unaware of the competition. Most of the time the employee is concerned with the IT project that he/she is working on, working 9-5 and sometimes late and during weekends. This creates a very divisional view for the employee. Even though the employee shines in its assigned work area, he may be unaware of the company’s actual goals, its competition. What is the company currently struggling with, how is it beating the competion etc.

Involving or atleast sharing some of the corporate dashboards with your employees can give them some perspective on why some of the projects are put on hold due to budget constraints, market conditions etc.

Information sharing can truly benefit an organization and dashboards are the right tool to do that as you don’t have to share detailed information with everyone, just the summary information should be good enough to let the employee feel he/she is equally important.

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