Introducing Ad-hoc Dashboard Designer

Since quitting Oracle, I have been doing lots of presentations on my product InfoCaptor

I got this greate opportunity to present InfoCaptor at Australia OUG conference held on 3rd November in Melbourne. I was representing my company RudraSoft. It was a total new and different experience, met quite a few entrepreneurs and got great opportunity for networking. It was different in the sense that this was the first time I was doing at a new level and was actively seeking for the opportunity to talk to anybody in the conference and present my tool. Earlier with Oracle, I never had to spend anything from my pocket whereas now onwards I have to be careful at how and where I spend.
Since returning to India, I have been doing presentations individually to executives at various companies and the response is really encouraging and positive.
So what is InfoCaptor?

InfoCaptor is an ad-hoc dashboard designer. It is ad-hoc in the true sense that it just requires SQL queries to create portlet windows, cascading parameters and wiring portlets to the parameters. There is no additional database objects nor complicated server side configurations. You can find more details at

The beauty of this product is that all the dashboards created using this tool are truly plug and play. It stores the dashboard definition in a serialized object file with extension of *.icv. It supports connection to all the major databases in the market and one of the most unique feature is that a single dashboard page has the ability to display information from multiple databases. For e.g. one portlet window can show information from Oracle database, second portlet can connect to DB2 and third can connect to MySQL or SQL server. You can drill from one portlet to another and all of this is done within the dashboard designer.

Apart from this, my team has designed some very useful dashboards for Oracle Application modules. You can download these plug and play dashboards for GL, AR, PA, System administration, Database administration and Discoverer Analytics.

These dashboards can be easily customized or enhanced by changing the underlying queries.

Your company or organization may have already invested in dashboard tools from big vendors such as Oracle (Siebel Analytics), BO, Cognos but there are quite a handful of reasons you may atleast wanna try this tool and see for yourself the benefits and the savings in time and resources.
So what is my plan?

For marketing InfoCaptor, most of it would be web-based and the remaining would be through workshops and presentations. I am currently focusing only in the small and medium sized segments in addition to niche areas like Oracle Application pluggable dashboards, Discoverer and EPB monitoring.

I have a very long term vision and plan for my company with lots of products to come. In the mean while I will keep doing some consulting work to meet the expenses. I have set up partnership with one consulting firm in USA and forming more in India. I am currently in Mumbai and if you need a personal demo of InfoCaptor or need more information please feel free and drop me a line at

It has taken a lot of time preparing for this day and I have a long way to go. I am learning lot of new things and changed quite a lot, for e.g I was by nature very introvert and modest but now I feel that I have become quite extrovert and l boast a lot atleast about my company and product. This is a very significant change in my personality which is a necessity. This blog has been very useful for me in my above transition. The other significant change is fearlessness. I don’t find any hesitations approaching CEOs, CFOs and CTOs. I can talk to any executive in the same manner as I speak to my friends. I think of this as a very important transition and I couldn’t have acheived this level without quitting my job. Quitting my job has automatically created a mind shift in which every act comes with a responsibility.
I plan to share most of the details of my new adventure and this blog is going to be a great assistant and facilitator.

I will wait for your feedback on InfoCaptor…

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