Interviewing Techniques for gathering Business Requirements

This is an interesting read. Here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts that are apparent after reading this article.

Be curious, but not too smart. Skilled interviewers must be curious. Alda warns of the “too-smart syndrome” where interviewers think they’re nearly as well versed in the subject as interviewees.
I think this is a very good point, sometimes consultants think they are too smart and forget the
very basic purpose about the requirements gathering session.

Ask simple questions: Why should you ask the Business person that what data do you want in your data-warehouse?
It really does not make sense and the user doesn’t care what is and not stored in the data-warehouse.

Things that can be covered during the session are

What are the key business objectives?
For each objective, ask about measures for success to learn more about key metrics and business dimensions.
What roles do data and analysis play in achieving goals? Alternatively, how would better access and analysis benefit them?
What are the current analysis challenges?

Do some homework before the meeting and try to understand the business beforehand. Get someone to send you
their process details either summary or any documentation they might have before the meeting.

Listen. Don’t try to provide solutions or suggestions right away, the goal of the meeting is to understand
the business objectives and it is rare that everything will be assimilated in that one meeting. This
will be an iterative process of listening, understanding, suggesting, getting feedback, refine understanding … so on.


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