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Intelligent business is a fundamental shift in thinking for the world of data warehousing and business intelligence. More Details... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- BI and PM components      BI and PM are not monoliths. In our definition, any PM initiative is made up of at least two of the following components: 
  • BI products—Tools that provide information gathering, analytics, and presentation of data to end users 
  • Analytic infrastructure—Infrastructure to store, organize, and prepare data for reporting and analysis  
  • Dashboard and scorecards—Tools and/or applications that help businesses track key performance indicators (KPIs) by providing a unified view of organizational performance data and options on a timed or near real-time and integrated basis. 
  • Planning, budgeting, and forecasting (PBF) products—Applications that provide a business with a high degree of flexibility to align financial and/or operational plans to its specific enterprise or departmental planning processes 
  • Analytic applications—Delivered applications that accurately gather, unify, coordinate, and analyze company-wide or content-specific data. Financial consolidation and reporting is an example of this type of application
More at.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Panorama Software Ltd says it is the first business intelligence vendor to integrate with Google's new web-based spreadsheet application. The company has also laid out plans that will enabled its BI software to front-end SAP AG's Business Information Warehouse, a move it hinted towards earlier this year.
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