Install OBIEE BI Apps on Linux and Windows

The documentation on installing OBIEE and BI Apps configuration from Oracle is pretty good overall but extremely ovewhelming… Just too many components and configuration steps. For a beginner it always helps to get a overview of what is involved and how to proceed.

Typically for demonstration purpose, you could get a 4 gb PC/LAPTOP with enough disk space (150 GB) and get the entire BI Apps installed and configured. You can install 10g Database, OBIEE, BI Apps, Informatica and then configure the DAC and run the ETL all on the same windows box.

For real implementation you would preferably use linux/unix/solaris boxes for your installation. In this situation where you have to install on Linux, there are components which can be installed only on Windows and then the files need to be FTP’d over to the linux box.

At minimum, you will need to find a windows PC to install the following

  • JDK
  • BI Apps
  • Informatica client components

If you are going to install the above on the windows, you might install the server components on the windows machine so that it provides you an extra play area for local testing and troubleshooting.

In this article, I will just cover the high level step to install on windows.

  • Install Database
    • Download 10g database and install on windows
    • Create olapdb, infadb,dacdb users
    • Grant grant dba, connect, resource to olapdb,infadb,dacdb
  • Download JDK 1.5* (there is some bug with JDK 1.6)
  • Download OBIEE for windows
  • Download obiee bi apps (available for only windows)
  • Download informatica for Windows
  • Once downloads are done
    · Install OBIEE on windows
    · Install OBIEE Apps on windows
  • · Install Informatica Client and Server
  • Download and install JDK on linux
  • Download and install OBIEE on linux
  • Download Informatica for Linux
    • Unzip disk1 and disk2
    • Run from disk1
    • Run from disk2 (sp5 patch)
  • Copy the DAC, oracle_bi_dw_base.rep and the source and lookup directories from OBIEE/dwrep/informatica directory on window to server in the appropriate informatica directory on the linux server. On windows you can assemble all the needed files into a new folder, zip them up and ftp to linux.
  • Start Informatica services
  • Launch the informatica repository console (admin)
  • Restore the repository oracle_bi_dw_base.rep
  • Launch the DAC client
  • Create new configuration for the Datawarehouse
  • Create the datawarehouse tables
  • Configure Informatica workflow manager
  • Configure DAC server

This is just the Mt Everest view for the complete install and initial config. Once this is done you will need to launch the DAC Client, setup the containers, map the domain values, parameters for the required Analytics and finally run the ETL.

In a later post I will try to cover some more details on the DAC configuration but thats it for now.

I frequently provide remote assistance to lot of clients for installation and configuration of entire BI apps. If you need similar help just shoot me an email at

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