Inner Value of Blog

I had intention of starting this blog around January of this year but due to laziness, procastination or whatever reason I finally did not do it until the end of April. All I had to do was just sit down for couple of hours, understand wordpress installation procedure and with half a day’s effort my blog is up and running with 3 articles already on it. Yes I seeded the blog with three articles all in one sitting. Here are the first three blogs…

How Do You Drill , Adam Joke (I think this one got me de-listed from Oracle Blogs Network ), Funny way to look at BI , after completing the articles at 3:00 am early in the morning I fired up an email to our BI group in Oracle inviting everyone who wished to join and start writing about the cool stuff they are expert in.

The main reason I started this blog was to get a consultant’s perspective on BI implementations, ofcourse there are lot of experts blogging at the Oracle blog network and outside but I haven’t seen anybody from Oracle Corporation’s consulting practice so I thought this is a good begining and sent out an email to everybody in our group including my boss Richard Solari, after that I wound up and went to bed.

Upon checking the emails in the morning, the first thing I see is my boss Richard Solari applauding my effort and writes some cool things, this indeed cleared the doubt (You know fear of looking stupid in front of everybody) that I did not do the wrong thing by broadcasting it to everybody 😉

Fast forward to this day and this blog now has some 20 users, few active and total of around 87 posts. I think this blog is one of the right decisions I made. There are lot of benefits it has provided me

  • Free outlet to write whatever I want (This could have been the reason that backfired and go me delisted from Oracle Blogs) 
  • Improved Writing skills ( what? am i writing better SQL now?)
  • Become more creative (using more of my left brain, hold on… which one is it.. right or left?)
  • Stopped watching TV (instead developed habit of checking my webstats)
  • I have a cool email signature now ;-)  ( not my fingerprint but this blog url)
  • Building a bigger network

So I thank everyone for stopping by and all those who thought that I am worth linking to. Here is the list of people who were generous to link and send me the initial traffic (one important fodder for a blogger)

I hope this blog continues to provide value and hence I can see more of the inner value in it. Recently I added adsense in order to support the hosting cost and the website bandwidth that is going to increase as time goes by.

So starting this blog is a very good strategic move even though it has begun to assume a life of its own and trying to compete with my 7 month old son for my attention 🙂

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