If you have five children, whom do you want to be Intelligent?

I know it is not a fair question, as a “Daddy” myself; I want all of my children to be intelligent.
Well, this is not any parenting website so of course the title must and should be related to Business Intelligence, right?
  OK, let me ask another question, if you were running your own organization or company don’t you wish
You had information (read intelligence) on all the aspects of your company?

For e.g. in most of the BI initiatives, the emphasis is laid on getting the Key metrics for Financial and Manufacturing Data.
To generalize, the emphasis is laid on the most critical component of your business; it could be CRM, SCM, and Manufacturing
Or Finance. This is perfect, as with the given time and budget constraint you want the most important information.
Time goes by and budget runs over, somehow you manage to assemble all your KPIs into nice looking dashboards and call them “executive dashboards”.

Now lets dig deeper.
How about intelligence on your Outsourcing activity?
Can you effectively tell, if your Outsourcing activity is really beneficial? Do you keep track of any metrics for the code quality, Number of hours worked, Number of Onsite and Offshore developers, Bandwidth Usage, Cost of staying in touch

Similarly, How efficient is your infrastructure and the team who is maintaining it? Do you keep track of the number of instances? What are the cloning schedules?
Does your DBA have the right tools in order to efficiently manage his daily job? Can your DBA easily check important System and Database parameters just as your “Executive” can check important financial information?

Similarly, Can your programmer check his or her own performances? Do they have access to metrics that tell them about their code quality, their productivity etc. Is it good for them to have access to a dashboard that instantly tells them about the Greens and Reds? Wouldn’t it be nice if they can see where they are performing good and where they
need improvement rather than you as the manager or supervisor hesitantly telling them anyway!

So effectively you can pick all the activities that is happening and derive intelligence out of it.

So going back to the title question, I guess everybody in your organization is entitled to intelligent information
so that they constantly improve what they are doing and that is what will give them an edge.

If you have plans for “Executive Dashboards” then shouldn’t you plan for “Non-Executive Dashboards” ?

Enough of questions, now lets get Dashboards for all our children 🙂

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