I have quit my job

Yes, its been already 10 days since I quit my job with Oracle. It was wonderful working with the largest Enterprise Software Maker of the world. I met lot of wonderful and talented people, lots of clients, lots of travel and in the process gained some weight 🙂

Since quitting Oracle, in the past 10 days I have traveled across the whole world (almost!). From Los Angeles to Pittsburgh, from Pittsburgh to Mumbai (India) and from Mumbai to Australia (via Singapore). It has been so hectic and tiring these past 10 days that I couldn’t even figure out which jet-lag I was suffering 😉

There are lots of updates on my personal and professional side.

On the professional side, I have started my own software business. I was doing very well at Oracle as a BI consultant and I could have carried on for years eventually joining the 10 year and 15 year Oracle veteran’s league. But then thinking about where I want to be and knowing that I have so much energy and potential within myself, I kept feeling that I need something different in my life. This decision to quit my job and start on my own is more spiritual than any other reasons I can think of.

I believe, every soul that incarnates on this planet has a purpose, every soul decides for itself what it wants to do in order to gain experience, the purpose of this life is to grow our soul’s experience in order to move to the next level. Increasing our soul’s experience increases the spirituality of it. If there is no new learning, there is no new experience gained and hence the spirituality stagnates. I am kind of a very restless person, possibly a common trait of any Sagittarian. I constantly like to explore new things even though I may be a little chicken initially. It is just a matter of time to get a hang of it. Once you are there for a while, you eventually become a pro in what you do. Then it is just matter of making a conscious decision whether you want to improvise it further if there is more room or simply switch.

In my case I have simply decided to switch and try something totally new. The beauty of this important decision is that I was the only person resisting it initially. My wife was little worried initially but her confidence in me overcame the butterflies in the stomach. Everybody, including my friends and relatives are supportive of this decision. I couldn’t have asked for a better timing and situation than this. I believe there is no specific age to take risks, especially calculated risks.

Infact I feel that the decision to not switch and keep doing what I was doing would have been more risky. Isn’t it blind faith to devote your precious years in doing something without knowing what is on the other side? The more I think of this the more I feel sure about my decision. I also believe that things don’t happen unless you are ready. I couldn’t have done this 1 year ago or say 6 months ago, simply because I was not mentally ready. I allowed the idea to dissipate fully so that I am left with only a singular choice of no return.
On the personal side, I am currently in Mumbai (India) and will be here for 2 months. I am attending my brother’s marriage and will be celebrating my son’s 1st birthday. My parents are ecstatic seeing their grandson and his pranks. I have become a lazy bum and enjoying my partial vacation.

I will update soon on what are my next plans, venture and what I was doing in Australia?

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