Hyperion Joins the Search Party

Hyperion announced its own play in Enterprise Search with a partnership with Google OneBox. However, Hyperion claims that its integration is differentiated from most others because it gives users and ability to construct BI queries right from the native Google OneBox search box, and not just to pull up pre-existing, indexed BI reports and information.

“If report or view does not exist for a search query then our software fires off SQL and MDX against Essbase or other MDX-compliant sources like SAP BW,” Hyperion said.

Hyperion Integrates Tableau into Hyperion 9 Via OEM

Hyperion announced that it is integrating Tableau Software into Hyperion 9 via an extension of its OEM agreement with Tableau, in the form of a new version of Hyperion Visual Explorer. Hyperion claims that this new version is expected to provide enhanced capabilities in predictive and statistical analytics.

Under the terms of the OEM agreement, Hyperion would offer Tableau’s latest technology to its customers, including a range of new visual analysis capabilities that were not previously available.

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